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This is a little project of sorts to play with WordPress and figure out what I can do with it, and whether it is worth the time. This started as a collection of old writings I’ve collected from other sources, but the plan is to make this my new platform of choice for certain communications, and when/if I master it, to start a blog to promote my business…

But in the meantime…

About me:

I am a contradiction by some standards. I consider myself conservative in a political sense, although with libertarian leanings. I believe in:

  • unassailable constitutional rights for all
  • freedom of speech
  • no freedom from being offended
  • security of person and property rights
  • civilized societies have an obligation to care for those that can’t care for themselves
  • effective government is small government
  • taxation is a necessary evil, but should be kept to an absolute minimum
  • 100% against capital punishment, and I am NOT changing my mind

However, unlike most conservatives, my morals are not derived from, nor influenced by, books written about illiterate desert peasants, nor mystics or fakirs, nor marauding 7th century prophets, nor ANY other book. Morals are innate; a product of evolving to live and work cooperatively in societal groups that allowed us to become the dominant higher life form on the planet. Logic and reason will not allow me to consider superstition… including gods… as anything other than farcical, and certainly not as guidelines for a life well lived.

Because of this I also strongly support women’s rights, including abortion rights. I don’t see how a conservative can support the state interfering in a woman’s reproductive choices when this tramples all over her rights in favor of a blob of cells that has no legal rights. Oddly, these same ‘conservatives’ generally support the death penalty, small government, and are against support programs for the poor and disadvantaged in society. So it seems their interest in the viability of the fetus ends at birth, and then mother and child are on their own.

My libertarian leanings are born of the same basis. I don’t think the state, acting on behalf of any individual or group, has any legitimate reason to interfere in what goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors. (Or even open doors in most cases. If you don’t like what you see, look away).

  • the government should only be as large as is absolutely necessary
  • government must not compete with nor favor private business interests
  • bureaucracy weakens and impoverishes society and must be kept to a minimum
  • any laws that are not evenly and effectively enforced must be abolished

This often leads to me being labelled ‘liberal’ by other conservatives, and a ‘neo-con’ by liberals… which I don’t consider an insult, but also don’t consider accurate, at least not when viewed in the context of Canadian politics. I’m a free person and a free thinker and I can pick and chose from your ideology what bits make sense without submitting to an entire orthodoxy.

And I’m an atheist. So there it is: I’m a godless heathen, a pagan of uncertain ideology, and proud of it!

13 April, 2016 – Also, regarding matters of energy, climate, and ecology, I am an ecomodernist. I don’t believe there is a dichotomy between humans and nature; we both belong. More information on what this means (and note I don’t subscribe to 100% of the points) is found here: Ecomodernist Manifesto

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