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Open Letter to Miranda Devine

March 18, 2015

This is my response to the column written by Miranda Devine (Jihadis fill atheist void) in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, March 18, 2015:

Dear Miranda,

Personal anecdote and supposition may be sufficient for you to ‘believe’ (you don’t really, but I’ll come back to that), but some people like evidence to back up claims. It is the reason to believe. These people are known as rational. Belief without reason is irrational.

Let’s not forget reasoned doubt, skepticism, is the very backbone of science. What has given you all the comforts and conveniences you enjoy today? Not religion, not god. Religion ALWAYS fights change. Christianity has fought change for 2000 years. It only adapts AFTER the critical mass of society moves on without it. Then it attempts to regain it’s footing with ingratiating acceptance of what people long before reasoned was true. Religion burned ‘heretics’ at the stake for hundreds of years. Many of these people committed no crime other than try to learn about their world instead of unquestioned acceptance of dogma. Thankfully we progressed, very slowly, to where we now understand biology, chemistry, physics, etc… none of which were explained by the bible, and ALL of which religion fought. So no thanks to religion, you live in modern comforts and type up your drivel on marvels of modern electronics.

And you do NOT believe as the bible commands. Do you wear mixed fibers? Do you eat shellfish? Are you accepting of other cultures and religions? Do you tithe? Ever enjoy sex out of wedlock? If you TRULY believe the word of the bible, you KNOW it commands horrible death as punishment for things that are of no consequence to anyone else, except a vicious and irrational deity. Rational people discarded the bible and religion as guidance when they realized it made no bloody sense… except as a manual for abuse and hatred in lust for power.

Hate gays? There is a religion for that!
Want to own slaves? The bible or quran will allow it.
Looking for permission to kill imagined enemies? Allahu akbar. Amen.
Consider women inferior to men? Well pick one; ALL religions agree.

The perfect, omnipotent and omniscient God created man in his image, let him run amok, was dissatisfied with the results, and drowned everyone/everything on earth in a fit of rage, except ONE family we are all descended from. I guess he didn’t see that coming… and then couldn’t fix it. But don’t worry… it didn’t actually happen. It’s just a fable about morals… Morals? Rage, genocide, and incest are moral?

So we get to your ridiculous comments about a young man who is dead and can’t speak for himself. Was he driven to act out of atheism? You explicitly state he converted to Islam. You destroy your own argument right out of the gate. There is no reason to refute anything else. You did it yourself.

Please, in the future, try to understand your source material and NOT write out of blind, malicious bias. Isn’t it what Jesus would want you to do?

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