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Evidence of Bigotry or Racism?

October 4, 2014

I too often see certain elements on twitter say something to the effect of:

If you say “I have black friends” you are secretly racist


If you say “I have Muslim friends”, you are an Islamophobic bigot

How is this logical? If someone has no friends of different background, and makes no claim to acceptance of others’ racial, ethnic or religious background, by this logic they would be less likely to be a racist or bigot. Is it more or less likely that a racist will have friends of a different racial background? Is it more or less likely that an opponent of Islam will have Muslim friends? The answer is obvious in both cases: It is LESS likely. The only friends that are evidence of racism or bigotry would be friends that are racists or bigots. It is plainly obvious that one with friends of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds is likely to be more tolerant, not less. Of course this doesn’t mean that an individual can’t harbor some resentment or bias. Humans are complex like that… like when they repeat statements that are obviously illogical in an attempt to shift the burden of a losing argument, smear others and avoid tackling their own biases.

If the left or right has legitimate criticisms of the other side for making illogical attacks and fear mongering (and obviously both do), then why engage in the same nonsensical tactics? I can criticize elements within ANY community or group that don’t behave in a manner that is conducive to a healthy society. This does NOT mean I criticize all members of that community or group. And saying so makes no more sense than saying criticism of the KKK proves anti-white bias. This is the result of allowing ideology to over ride common sense. It is a failure to think independently. It is a failure to reason. If you consider yourself ‘better equipped’ to tackle such issues than your ideological opponents, then prove it by not stealing from their toolkit.

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