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Ontario Political BBQ

May 27, 2014

PCs:  Host the BBQ, and ask only that others buy their own booze.

Greens:   Get stoned, forget they were invited, decide to protest, but show up to picket with blank signs and no markers at the wrong address.

NDP:   (Part 1) Show up in tie dyed hemp shirts and Birkenstocks, complain that others don’t follow their dietary choices, fill pockets with food when no one is looking. Wonder where are the Greens with the pot.

Libs:   Show up in 3 piece suits carrying 6 packs. Drink 12. Leave with 24. Steal NDP’s Birks on the way out. Claim they were their Birks all along. Send bill to the hosts for the 6 beer they brought. Every month. For ever.

NDP:   (Part 2) Supports the Libs as long as they get some of the money and Birks back.

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