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Pagan Pondering

May 18, 2014

Until there is verifiable evidence for god(s), ALL holy books are novels, ALL prophets frauds, and ALL claims of divinity can be dismissed as nonsense.


If you object to scientific explanations because the universe, and life, MUST have been created from nothing by God, then you also MUST explain theogenesis… or how god(s) spontaneously arose from nothing.


The Big Bang is only one theory about how our universe came to it’s current arrangement. There are others. TBB is currently the most popular because observation largely supports the theory.


Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy state that neither can be created nor destroyed. Rearrangement of the former either captures or releases the latter. This is confirmed by observation, but is incompatible with creation myths.


When the unknown is explained, the explanation invariably is an application or extension of previously held knowledge from within the known realm of reality. It is NEVER explained by the supernatural, or something from outside the realm of reality manipulating that within.


Offense: An imaginary injury that miraculously heals the instant the injured party stops imagining it.


If there be souls, there would be no way to ‘force’ them to go to heaven or hell. An entity without mass is freed from the dictates of physics and would be able to go wherever it wanted free from interference by gods or demons.


That I am atheist is not because I reject gods and religion. I was born atheist and stayed atheist. That I am an atheist is also not the end goal of some personal evolution. It is simply a byproduct of skepticism and critical thought.


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