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Atheism, Ambitions, Personalities, and Petty Jealousy

April 26, 2014

Ah, the drama of twitter…

Another outbreak of outrage… this time over an individual atheist’s ambitions to make a living as an activist for atheism. The problem doesn’t seem to be that he is soliciting funds to support his goal, but that he is unemployed. And the solution he sees is to make his activism his job, and hence support himself and his family. I’m confused as to why this is a problem… He has openly acknowledged this is his goal. This is free enterprise, entrepreneurship, self employment… the American dream in action.

So some of the other atheist tweeters don’t agree with this approach. No surprise I suppose, being as diverse a group as atheists are. My recommendation to anyone having second thoughts about how funds are used would be to NOT contribute. It is your money. Spend it as you see fit. Again, this is the freedom you are afforded by the society and system you live in. There is no compulsion. You aren’t being forced. Indeed, if this can become his career, presumably he would be paying taxes and supporting the local economy as opposed to taking taxes for support. And if he was taking tax dollars in support, you wouldn’t have a say about contributions… Sounds like a win/win to me.

Yet somehow this doesn’t seem to be good enough. A couple of tweeters are offended by the form of the requests for donations… considering it misleading. And again I would say, if you don’t feel right about what he is doing, you are not forced to contribute in any way. Hell, feel free to say why you are uneasy. Share your misgivings in a rational way, and maybe you can coax change. There is no need for the angst and anger. It’s a bit disconcerting when people I like don’t get along, but that’s life. Just don’t be cunts about it.

But is there more to this? One particularly upset individual… one who constantly spouts drivel about atheists striving to be better people… seems to be on a crusade with personal attacks and innuendo of something untoward… without producing any evidence. This same cartoon character has a pattern of issuing pretty platitudes from one side of his mouth, while undermining these principles from the other side… attacking, vilifying, and siccing his sycophants to dogpile on others… a self-aggrandizing hypocrite. Is there some jealousy that someone else is trying to make a living doing what you envisioned for yourself? No? Then why the personal vitriol?

And so here we are… again… Another totally unnecessary episode in the never ending drama on twitter. I personally don’t think we need any more atheists representing my interests. I think we should be working within the umbrella of secularism. That’s my OPINION and hence I choose not to contribute to this campaign. If your OPINION differs, feel free to contribute. If you don’t like the way the campaign is run, don’t approve of the campaigner, don’t have money, don’t share ideology, don’t dare disagree with the others in your clique… whatever… you are under no obligations; keep your money.

Wasn’t that easy?

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