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The Pragmatic Peoples Party Manifesto

July 4, 2013

(Originally posted on Facebook, September 3, 2011)


Unfortunately, over the course of years, generations of politicians have succeeded in dividing the populations of democratic counties all over the world into left wing and right wing camps. There is no political party to represent the interests or beliefs of someone like me. I have no wings. I am not left, right or centrist… I am a skeptic and a pragmatist. I believe almost nothing I am told and very little of what I see. I seldom seek or take counsel from others and have faith that almost 49 years of life and learning has taught me some common sense. And since the politicians are not representing my interests I think it is time to explore creating a new party. And all political parties need a constitution… or at least a rambling and incoherent manifesto. This is mine:

* The Pragmatic Peoples Party Manifesto *

– Preamble:

First some profound words from some great men that can sum things up better than I…

“…that this nation… shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”…. excerpt from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

“It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.”…. Thomas Jefferson

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”….John Diefenbaker (From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960.)

– Now a mission statement of sorts:

A government should only be as large as is necessary to commit to the minimum intrusion required to fulfill it’s obligations under the constitution. Anything else is wasteful and illegal. That means that the federal government has no place meddling in provincial responsibilities; these include healthcare, welfare and education. All growth of government beyond the core constitutional responsibilities inevitably results in impoverishing the citizenry while at the same time reducing their freedom.

– Financial Matters:

Canada has a debt of about one TRILLION dollars, or about $30,000 for each one of us; man, woman and child. This debt will cripple us if we can’t get it under control. We all know that if you run up debt and don’t pay it off you eventually go broke and have everything taken away. It is the same for the country we live in. If you want to preserve our economic well-being and save our core social programs, we need to cut federal spending drastically and start paying our debts. Here’s some basic principles to guide us:

1. There is only one pool of capital, the taxpayer, from which all the needs and wants of society are funded.

2. Effective use of the capital pool requires prioritization.

3. A society that is unwilling to take care of those that can’t take care of themselves is not civilized.

4. Subsidization is almost always wasteful, and usually counterproductive.

5. There is no free ride.

6. If you pay someone for nothing that is exactly what you will get.

7. The government should not be involved in providing products or services that can be provided by private interests.

8. Any product or service provided by government will require a bureaucracy of unionized workers.

9. Bureaucracies grow exponentionally and devour any and all budgeted funds, and more.

– Separation of Church and State:

Morality does NOT derive from any religious code. Morality evolved through many generations as a way for people to live together in groups in relative harmony. Religions adopted these codes as a guide. After all, you aren’t likely to be very welcome if you kill your neighbors, boink their wives and ride off on their donkey.

English common law, French civil law and plain old common sense are the basis for our legal system and foundation for our system of governance. Religion has no place or input into the legal system or governance.

There should never be preference or support given to one religion over another. Religious or faith-based education must not be funded by the state. Religious education if desired can be provided outside school hours.

Canada’s laws are paramount and will not be superseded by any religious code.

– Legal System:

The pursuit of the truth is the ultimate aim of the legal system. Convictions and appropriate punishments are only a result of the search for the truth; they are not goals.

People have a right to security of person, and property, and the right to defend themselves and their property by whatever reasonable means necessary.

The taking of life as a punishment by the state is not allowed. Period. Capital punishment does not work as a deterrent, and sooner or later innocents will be executed. This risk is totally unacceptable. Vengeance is NOT justice.

Judges, prosecutors and police found to have perverted justice or resisted the search for the truth will be subject to penalties including termination of employment and incarceration. The WHOLE truth does not stop at answering yes or no questions.

Any existing or future laws enacted must be enforced forcefully and equally. If they are not, they must be abolished.

Persons convicted of first-time minor, nonviolent offenses are eligible for diversion programs. In cases of minors there is a one-time shield from publication of names. This shield is lifted for any subsequent convictions. Violent offendors are ineligible for diversion programs and will be prosecuted, and yes that includes minors. Shame is a powerful deterrent and behaviour modifier.

– Drug Policy:

The war on drugs has turned much of South and Central America into hellishly violent war zones. It has not only been a dismal failure (everybody knows that drugs are stronger and more available than ever), but has resulted in drug cartel militias that are extremely violent, well-funded, stronger and better armed than many of the national armies and police forces of the region. Their wealth is used to fund terrorist organizations that are trying to bring mayhem and destruction right to our doorstep. It MUST stop. The PPP will immediately legalize marijuana. Anyone and everyone can grow and possess as much as they want. This will take a large percentage of the professional criminals out of the business, and reduce the potency of the product because production will be in the hands of part time amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. This will enrage our southern neighbors. To placate them we will use some of the moneys saved from drug enforcement to increase border security. Anyone stupid enough to get caught attempting to smuggle marijuana or it’s byproducts to the US will need to be severely penalized. If you make it to the US and then get caught you are on your own. A PPP government will not petition for your release or return. Stronger drugs will remain prohibited, but with more emphasis placed on rehabilitation for minor possession. The manufacturers and pushers of these dangerous and addictive substances have no regard for the lives they damage. They will serve serious time in penitentiary.

– Immigration:

The world is dotted with poor countries with people who share our dreams and ambitions and respect for human rights and democracy. Why are we continuing to admit people from countries that are openly hostile to us and our way of life? The PPP will immediately end this practice. Further, applicants will need to accept the supremacy of the laws of the country over any religious or moral code from their homeland. Any immigrant convicted of violent crime or manufacture and/or distribution of dangerous and addictive drugs, or suppression or coercion of other immigrants will be deported with their families and/or sponsors. Immigrants will be required to find and maintain gainful employment or be removed.

– Environmental Issues:

Subsidizing inefficient alternative energy sources like solar and wind ensures that progress in evolution and development of these technologies will be slowed because they no longer need to compete on even footing with gas/oil/coal/nuclear. It also impoverishes the citizens and discourages business investment and expansion. Instead of billions blown on wind and solar, encourage small scale use of geothermal and proper insulation materials and techniques, etc… by favorable tax policy.

The whole global warming and climate change discussion is overblown hysteria. Man can do almost nothing to influence climate globally. Fluctuations in the output of the sun are obviously the main driving force in climate change. To argue otherwise is to ignore common sense and logic.

While humanity wastes billions trying to reduce carbon output, research on how to reduce known pollutants and find more efficient ways of creating and using energy goes unfunded. Look, David Suzuki is a fruit fly geneticist; George Monbiot is a zoologist; Al Gore is a failed politician. None of them are climatologists and all of them have vested interest in maintaining a climate of hysteria regarding climate. This makes them all just a little less qualified then you or I to make pronouncements about climate, and a lot less trustworthy.

– Summary:

We at the PPP do not follow any political ideology, but adhere to knowledge, science and common sense. We are very much against the leftist current, but not conservative either… perhaps closer to libertarian, but not quite. We believe in self-reliance as much as possible, but also understand the need for society to help those that can’t help themselves. We consider every dollar wasted in grants or payments to those that don’t need it or didn’t work for it is a dollar taken from those that through no fault of their own really need it, and even depend on it for survival.

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