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The Business of Hysteria

July 4, 2013

(Originally posted on Facebook, November 1, 2009)

Look, if the media picks up on a story… any story… and the reports become more shrill and alarmist by the day, or in some cases the hour, you can safely assume the story is BULLSHIT. Be realistic, if you were having a conversation with somebody face to face and every hour they told the same story, but on the hour every hour added one dubious claim to the story, pretty soon you would conclude they were a pathological liar. Now take that example and apply it to the media and internet…

… so now do you believe in man-made global warming…
… or that H1N1 flu is any more dangerous than any other regular seasonal flu?

Why are people so willing to accept what comes across the ether to your TV, radio, or computer as the truth beyond any debate, when if a person you knew told you the same story face-to-face you’d tell them to piss off you lying wanker? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m wired differently, but my life experience has taught me there is just enough bullshit floating free that I’d like a little proof… maybe physical evidence and scientific study… before I jump for whatever crap someone is pushing.

And generally when you look into some overhyped bullshit story that takes on a life of it’s own you’ll find that somebody is making a boatload of money. Al Gore: meet global warming. Vaccine producers: meet H1N1. But if we approach things from the commonsense angle that there is a limited amount of capital to be spent at any given time for EVERYTHING that society needs we can prioritize…

Pollution we know kills people. Man-made global warming in all probability doesn’t even exist. So if we need to divert resources from one to the other, which way do you want it to go? Do you want blow billions on a useless exercise in fantasy, or protect people and their quality of life? OK then, Al Gore is out and the air and water are a little cleaner.

The health system is stressed; not enough diagnostic equipment or front line workers. You want an H1N1 flu shot. So we have a pot of money that could hire hundreds of doctors and nurses, or buy 100 MRI machines… or we can give everyone an H1N1 vaccine that likely doesn’t work for a disease that is statistically about as deadly as the regular seasonal flu. OK, fuck H1N1 and get yourself a box of kleenex. Now the next time you are in mortal pain you might not have to wait 6 months for an MRI. And as an added bonus the government types that own shares in the vaccine producers won’t get that fat dividend check.

Now the next time somebody tells you you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, you can tell them to fuck off because your body has an amazing new ability to detect when you need water called thirst. Oh, and demand they provide scientific evidence for their claim. And just so you know, “they say” does not qualify as scientific evidence.

Oh, an addendum… I read about some intellectually challenged doofus ‘scientist’ the other day claiming within 10 years the summers in the arctic would be ice free and there would be major coastline flooding. Put an ice cube in a glass of water and let it melt. Did it over flow? Did the water level change? Of course not you dewy-eyed twit, because the ice floats and displaces only water equal to it’s own volume. Does the water level at the coast go down in the winter when the arctic freezes over? No. Case closed.

Another addendum… David Suzuki is a fruit fly geneticist. This makes him slightly less qualified to comment on climate issues than the guy that sleeps in the dumpster behind the 7-11.

Now be skeptics and be proud of it, dammit!

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