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Ke$ha, Women Hear Differently, I am not a Misogynist, Medical Breakthrough

July 4, 2013

(Originally posted on Facebook, April 9, 2011)

Some of my facebook friends had a posting about their child being a fan of Kesha. I keep hearing this name “Kesha”. Although I wasn’t sure, my first impression was she was just another blond pop singer manufactured by the music industry, possibly a Gaga clone. But that was an uninformed opinion… the worst kind. So I thought perhaps it is time to find out…

I had to Google (“what the hell is Kesha” was my exact search) and found this: and I’m pretty sure I’ve become the old man on the wrong side of the generation gap. Just awful. My ears threw up. I guess she is supposed to be outrageous too. Hey, who doesn’t pee in the sink from time to time… Errr, perhaps I’ll retract that last bit…

Admittedly I spend a lot of time listening to “classic rock”… and yeah, I mean oldies. But the great majority of those acts actually wrote songs… with lyrics… containing real words… constructed in such a way as to convey a meaning or message that most English speakers would understand. Most played an instrument or sang. Sometimes even both! But this new music… I just don’t get it. Really I don’t. And I get it even less when people my age listen to this crap. Are you pretending? Do you actually think you like it? Are you trying to be hip and cool with the younger crowd? And now the part of the rant that may catch some grief… in my age group it is usually women listening to this vile tripe.

This is the surest evidence that there is a gender gap… women have terrible taste in music. Every man knows it. Men like rock and roll… maybe blues. But something with guitar(s), bass and drums. Women like… they call it something with a beat… Sure there are exceptions that are rockers, but most of them also listen to that other horrid dancy stuff. Men want to sit around drinking and listening to good tunes. Women want to dance. Then men will watch thereby validating their attractiveness. And you are attractive… by all means dance away. But can’t you dance and look good while we are sitting down sipping drinks and listening to some good rock and roll? You will still be appreciated. Trust me on this…

At this time I should make an important distinction: This does not apply to younger generations. When it comes to music younger people are all women. None of them have any taste. At all. Hence rap, trance, dub, hip, trip, hop… etc…

Here’s what we need for a new medical miracle… Harvest the ears from expired men and transplant them to women and young people. Then they would understand. The pop tart trend would end, no more rap gangstas, the end of that annoying electronic music, men and women would understand each other, parents and children would no longer be embarrassed about each other. I see no downside… except for the women and children with the floppy, hairy ears… but isn’t that a small price to pay for unity and harmony?

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I in particular prefer music that has strong lyrics attached. My favourite bands are exclusively those to whose lyrics I have found myself most strongly attached. Good lyrics make music better, not the other way around. This is why pop stars don’t last: the music might be quite fun, but the lyrics are almost always banal and trite.

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