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I’ll pin a poppy to you, and I don’t mean your coat…

July 4, 2013

(Originally posted on Facebook,  November 4, 2010)

I’ve recently heard about another group of intellectually challenged sheep touting their anti-war message. They are so proud! Please wear the white poppy to show you favor non-violence… You idiots; a white poppy over your heart is a perfect target for the death-mongers the soldiers of the civilized world are trying to protect you from.

Any sane person favors peace. But non-violence is not a solution when armed lunatics are intent on creating murder and mayhem. Non-violence is acquiescence and death. That civilians die in conflict is most unfortunate, but may I suggest you contact the deranged despots and dictators of the world and talk peace to them. If these non-thinking white poppy numbskulls can make the merchants of death stop fomenting their special forms of brutality and destruction then we can finally agree we no longer need to waste the blood of the best the civilized countries of the world have to offer. Until that time the red poppy is the only one with any meaning to the thoughtful, and the white poppy is a symbol of stupidity, weakness and complicity.

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