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Bystanders, burning cars, biases and a billion wasted

July 4, 2013

(Originally posed on Facebook, June 26, 2010)

I am generally not a fan of police. I want to say that right up front. There are far too many accepted into the fold that are only in it so they can beat on people and get away with it. And when the bad cops get caught the actual good cops ALWAYS do the wrong thing and close ranks around the bad cops… which also makes them bad cops.

Which brings me to G8/G20 Toronto ‘protesters’. Well actually they aren’t protesters at all. They are just assholes roaming around breaking other peoples stuff. (And WFT is up with abandoning cop cars in the middle of this?) Set the bad cops loose on those assholes and let them wail away. I don’t care at all. In fact, I’m onside with the bad cops on this one.

Now every time one of these unnecessary (ever heard of phones/computers/skype?) gatherings of world ‘leaders’ comes around there is massive unrest and destruction. You know it, I know it, the assholes know it, the cops know it, etc… So what invariably happens is the populace thinks it would be a good idea to take a walk down and watch the protests. Which makes them morons who are then used by the assholes breaking shit as cover/human shields. The cops, even most of the bad ones, don’t want to just whip on everyone indiscriminately, so they hang back and try to minimize the ‘collateral damage’. So in effect the people who later complain about roving bands of thugs wreckin’ up their city are the ones responsible for protecting the assholes while they set about wreckin’ up their city.

So in the future, STAY THE FUCK HOME and let the bad cops whip on the assholes to both their twisted collective hearts’ content.

A billion in taxes blown on this nonsense… I wonder how many MRI machines that would be good for?

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