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A Lesson in Economics for World Leaders AND Citizens

July 4, 2013

(originally posted on Facebook, August 7, 2011)

The recent tales about the list of countries that are very close to defaulting on debt repayments is shocking. The debt loads that most western countries are carrying is absolutely mind bending. As much as I like to badmouth the leadership of Canada, we apparently have the most efficient and rational government in the western world. Our total debt load, as obscene as it is, is only a drop in the bucket in the totality of the world debt, and on a per capita basis makes us extremely wealthy debtors.

Now the scary part of all of this is many countries including some of the world’s (supposed) economic powerhouses have already started printing money to pay down their debt because they have already passed the point where they can effectively service the debt. This is the same policy followed by post WWI Germany and many countries since. The result in ALL cases was hyperinflation… the money you are paid in today is worth less than the paper it is printed on tomorrow.

And I fear that even though Canada is on comparatively sound financial footing, our economic well-being depends on trade with basket cases. So if they go down they can no longer afford to buy our goods… which takes us down with them. And we are a northern country… hostile climate… Being too poor to pay for utilities in more temperate nations is certainly inconvenient but in Canada you freeze.

The lesson should have been learned long ago… Nations can no more afford to live beyond their means than individuals can. So what do we do? For starters stop demanding the nanny-state provide for you. Services provided by or subsidized by the government aren’t free. They are paid for by union scale wages, along with supporting bureaucracies. From tax dollars. So demanding services be provided by any level of government makes us ALL poorer. If you want daycare for your kids consider what the real cost of a government plan is compared to what the cost is if you look after finding a provider yourself. And if that seems too expensive perhaps you aren’t suited to be parents.

But we need free health care you say? Well what exactly makes you think it is free? Everyone involved is paid and paid well. From taxes. Which makes us all poorer. And makes damn sure very few, including those in the health care system have any idea how to properly handle prioritization. EVERYONE now gets referred to emergency, at least in eastern Ontario. Most, and I would put the percentage at 80%+ are not emergencies at all. They are inconvenienced or in a hurry. Take some tylenol and fuck off home you whining maggots. I think we should start billing back for every visit to a hospital emergency triage center. $20 should send most of these cheap fucks home, or at least back to the outpatients queue where they belong.

A basic economics and civics course should be mandatory in schools. Things need to be explained from an early age so people KNOW what they are getting into. Painting graffiti on the local school might make you a rebel. But someone has to clean that. And they work for, or are under contract to the schoolboard. And they are paid handsomely. From taxes. Which makes your parents poorer. Which means YOU don’t get the latest game console or that summer trip you wanted because your parents can’t afford it due to taxes that pay to clean up your stupid mistake. How about those goverment programs to help “green” the economy? Nonsense is what they are. Subsidies to upgrade home insulation or heating and a/c units come from taxes largely taken from people that can’t afford a home. So we tax the population at large to provide more comfortable surroundings at a lower cost for those that can actually afford to own a home. Perverse is it not?

Look, there is one pot of money to pay for everything society wants or needs. And it is me and you that fill that pot. I may be short but I’m no leprechaun and there is no pot of gold. We NEED to prioritize. Essentials get paid for first. And in a civilized society essentials should include support systems for those that can’t take care of themselves, not those that REFUSE to take responsibility for their circumstances. Lazy fuckers like that will reconsider whether they need a job or go to school when it gets cold or they are hungry. Every dollar that goes to one of these lazy sacks of dung that doesn’t want to work takes a dollar away from those that actually need it. Then if there is anything left we look at the nice to have items like libraries and community centers, etc…

You want to be part of the solution instead of the problem? Then stop demanding the government provide you with things or services the private sector is perfectly capable of handling. Make your elected representatives govern instead of thinking up new ways to buy you off with your own money. Write letters to your MLA/MNA/MPP and MP and demand they stop this shell game they are playing with our money. Write letters to the editor, blog, speak out… before it is too late… if it isn’t already.

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